Test: Can you solve this simple riddle without peeking?

Brainteasers are not only fun, but they also help you forget about all the stress and anxiety that comes with adult life. On one hand, it is a good exercise for the brain, and on the other, it is always exciting to take on a new trial. We all want to feel that sense of accomplishment that comes with overcoming a difficult challenge.

The riddle below is quite tricky – and I actually had to think for several minutes before I managed to come up with the correct solution.

Puzzles come in many shapes and sizes, but it does not matter much what kind you take on, as long as you give your brain a good workout.

People go crazy trying to solve it

Sometimes it’s important to take a break from everyday life and distract yourself with something more relaxing than work or studies. It is especially needed now that our minds rot away looking at a screen all day while technology does most of the thinking for us.

Today’s challenge is considered a simple riddle but it keeps causing thousands online to tear their hair out. No one knows who made it, but it recently made waves on social media.

Are you ready? Here it comes.

simple riddle
Image source: The Laugh Club / Newsner

You have a bucket, a cup, and a spoon – Which is the fastest way to empty a bathtub?

Now think for a moment! The answer will come below!

The answer to this simple riddle

Are you ready for the answer? You can see it after the picture below!

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

The correct solution is: Pull out the plug!

No, it wasn’t among the objects we named – but who said those were the only options? If the goal is to empty a bathtub, the fastest way is, without a doubt, to pull out the plug!

What a fun brainteaser! Did you have to peek at the correct answer? Or did you know right from the start?

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