There is a very disturbing detail in this family photo – Can you see it?

Every now and then, things are not what they seem at first sight.

An average-looking photo might actually contain a small detail that gives the image a completely new and scary meaning.

Spooky pictures have fascinated humanity since time immemorial. So when ghosts, weird reflections in mirrors, or UFOs make their way into the frame, you can’t help but feel curious about it.

With that said, one of these kinds of pictures has gone viral lately. You can see it below.

A small detail changes the photo

In this picture, we can see a family of five.

They are all sitting in a row, except for the youngest one, who is sitting on their mother’s lap.

When you look at the photo at first, everything seems normal—but a tiny detail suddenly adds a much more spooky vibe to the whole image.

Here is the picture.

Can you see it? If the answer is yes, you have a sharp eye for detail.

If you don’t, worry not, most people can’t find this unsettling detail on their own.

Below, we’ll reveal the answer.

Here is the spooky detail

Are you ready? Now focus your eyes on the red circle.

There is an extra hand that doesn’t belong to any of the people in the picture!

Weird, right? We don’t know to whom the hand belongs. Still, many users online are convinced that someone digitally added the arm into the picture.

Bonus image: A funny detail

Let’s try with another photo. This time it’s not a spooky picture but a funny one.

Can you find the hilarious detail in this picture? I think this time is much easier.

Image source: Twitter

There is a bunch of girls in bikinis on a beach with a guy in the background. So far, everything seems okay, however. Can you see what’s wrong with the image?

Here is the answer.

Image source: Twitter

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