This challenge confuses a lot of people: How many girls can you see in this picture?

Optical illusions are fascinating. Their meaning changes the more you look at them, which explains why they have attracted our interest since time immemorial.

A picture you have looked at before might look completely different if you revisit it a few minutes later. These optical illusions (or visual puzzles) often result in heated discussions because people see different things while looking at them.

The picture below is no exception. Through the years, it has left millions of people confused around the world.

This photo was taken by the Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari. In it, we can see a bunch of girls, pretty normal, right? However, people around the globe can’t agree on how many girls are actually inside this image.

How many girls can you see?

Hats off to Tiziana for this incredible optical illusion. It is pretty hard to see how many girls are in there with accuracy. 

Just when you think you have an answer, take another look and things might change.

So, now it’s your turn.

Now look at the picture below and think – how many girls are there in the photo?

Image source: Instagram

How many girls did you see?

Look several times carefully!

Here is the correct answer

As I said, the picture has been going around online for a very long time, and almost every person thinks they can clearly see the answer.

After the picture below, we’ll reveal the correct answer.

optical illusions
Image source: PxHere

The correct answer is 2.

Tiziana Vergari herself explained that the girls in the picture are her two daughters, who were inside a fitting room at a store and tried the same outfit when the photo was taken.

Do you see it more clearly now that you know the answer?

Image source: Instagram

How many girls did you see?

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