This looks like an ordinary number sequence – but something is missing

The human brain has an incredible ability to process different sources of information simultaneously.

However, when facing a problem designed to fool the mind, we usually fall for it. Our biggest advantage as a species is also a weakness. The shortcuts our brains use to keep up with multiple streams of information rely on many assumptions. These assumptions can be exploited by authors of illusions, puzzles, and even riddles.

When you end up in front of such a challenge, it is often the case that we miss a small detail, or even the entire meaning of the piece. However, that’s the charm of these tests.

In recent times, perhaps because of the cleverness behind them, it has become a bit of a trend online to challenge your friends and family to these types of brainteasers to find out who’s sharper!

With that said, not many people pass the next test on their first try. Anyone can actually come up with the solution given enough time, but there’s a time limit to make things a bit more interesting.

See if you can solve it in under 20 seconds!

What’s wrong with the number sequence?

Below you have a number sequence. It goes from 1 to 53, but two numbers are missing. Your challenge now is to find out which ones!

I actually couldn’t solve it on the first try! Now it’s up to you to show your skills!

Can you find which numbers are missing?

What's wrong with the number sequence?

As I said, I didn’t get it on my first try, but after going through the sequence once more, I finally found the two numbers that were missing!

Here is the solution

Below we’ll explain the solution in two separate pictures!

brain solution 1

The first number missing is 11.

brain solution 2

The second digit missing in the sequence is 32.

So if you noticed in under 20 seconds that both of these numbers were missing, you have succeeded!

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Remember that it never hurts to do a bit of brainteasing!