Today’s Challenge: Can you figure out which car has to move first?

Something that never hurts is a little brainteaser.

Of course, it is important to keep the body in shape, but many people seem to forget the mind also needs regular exercise. Just lazing around on the couch is not going to do you any favors – however, it doesn’t take much more than solving a few brainteasers regularly to keep your head in shape.

With that in mind, I now have a perfect challenge for you!

I have always liked crossword puzzles and sudoku. You can always find these two puzzles in the newspaper or most magazines, and they are great to give those brain cells some extra stimulation. Afterward, you’ll feel fresh and notice it is easier to concentrate on your everyday tasks.

Which car has to move first?

Not only it is important to take a break from all chores and obligations, but when you choose to focus on a puzzle, you are also having fun. Especially now that computers and smartphones do most of the thinking for us.

Therefore, it is time to face today’s challenge. In my opinion, it is neither too easy nor too difficult. You have to think for a while but I know you’ll eventually come up with the right answer.

Below, we can see an image of a traffic jam at an intersection. Things have become a mess in there, but now it is your job to sort out the most efficient way to fix the situation. One of these cars has to move first in order for the rest to be able to drive away.

Which car has to move first?

which car has to move first?

Now make sure you think about it for a while so that you are fairly sure of your answer.

Concentrate and pick your answer

Maybe you already think you have the solution, but take another look just to be safe.

I actually had to think for a while before I was 100% sure.

Below the picture of the woman, we will present the correct solution!

Image: Pexels

The answer is that car 3 must move first – by reversing!

which car has to solution

Then the others, in turn, can easily drive forward, and away.

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