Today’s Challenge: Find the boy among all the girls

It sounds counter-intuitive, but giving the brain a light workout every day helps us relax and stay clear-minded. Letting go of all our worries and responsibilities for a few minutes can do wonders for the mind.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have fun while doing something healthy. The feeling of overcoming a challenge is pretty sweet if you ask me!

The challenges you can use to train the mind vary greatly. It can be anything from crossword puzzles to sudoku or even a classic riddle. Today’s test doesn’t fit in any of the categories mentioned before, but it is still quite fun.

When you start getting a little older, it is important to keep your brain in shape. Solving a few brainteasers daily can really make a difference in your life.

Time to tease the brain

Challenges similar to the one that we find below have been popping up online more and more, and they are as tricky as they are fun to solve.

This particular one is quite difficult. Most people need between two and ten minutes to solve it.

Find the boy!

Okay, here comes the challenge.

Below, we see a picture filled with girls’ faces, but somewhere in there, a boy is hiding. Can you find him?

You only have 30 seconds. Are you ready? Here is the picture!

find the boy

This one is tricky but give it your best shot.

Here is the boy

Did you find him? Congratulations on that case!

If you didn’t, we’ll show you the solution after the picture below.

brain teaser

There’s the boy! In the bottom left corner, well hidden among all the girls!

Did you manage to find the boy? Well done! Maybe you are an actual genius after all.

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