Today’s Challenge: This picnic riddle drives people crazy

Solving puzzles or challenges always helps the brain recover from all the stress and anxiety. We have to let go (for a bit) of all everyday responsibilities such as washing, picking up the kids, cooking, and everything else that keeps your head working 24/7.

It’s like exercise for the brain, something that helps it stay fit and fresh, which is vital if you want to live a long and happy life!

From time to time, we share, in the Laugh Club, a few small riddles and puzzles – and it is usually appreciated.

With that goal in mind, here is a riddle that has left thousands tearing their hair out in despair.

Think about it – with all you’ve got

To test our limitations, challenging the mind and giving those brain cells a workout is actually a win-win. We can both have fun and get some much-needed exercise.

Getting a healthy and pleasurable habit is a rare thing, so solving a few brainteasers is something I think most of us should do a little more often.

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It really makes us train the mind – and forces us to bring out the knowledge we got back in school.

Now it may be hard to remember everything from back then – or maybe you are more skilled than ever?

How many people went on a picnic?

Here comes today’s riddle.

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An elderly couple went on a picnic. They have 5 sons and each son has 3 children. In total, how many people went for the picnic?

Hm. Here it is, important to take your time and really think about it. The correct answer will be waiting for you below. Good luck!

Here is the correct answer

Have you come up with an answer? Below the next picture, we will reveal the correct answer.

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So how many people went on a picnic then?

Maybe you thought the solution was 22 people? Sorry, that is wrong.

The correct answer is that there were only two people at that picnic.

Why? We said, at the beginning of the riddle, that the elderly couple went on a picnic. However, we never said that the sons and their children also went. That information is there to throw you off. Most of you probably sat down and counted – without need.

The answer was so much easier than you may have thought at first sight.

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