Today’s Challenge: Which car has to move first to solve this traffic jam?

Running, jogging, cycling, and walking are important for the body to stay fit and healthy, especially if you are no longer that young.

But what many people forget is that we also have to take care of our most important muscle, namely the brain, which also needs regular exercise.

Lazing around on the couch during our free time might be tempting. After all, there is always a new show on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ to watch. However, if you want to have a fresh mind when the week starts, solving a few puzzles could be the difference between a good and a bad one.

That is why today, I brought you a good ‘ol brainteaser!

There is nothing quite like solving brainteasers. Puzzles give our brain cells some healthy stimulation. Afterward, you’ll feel fresh in the head and hopefully be in a better mood.

How to solve the traffic jam?

Therefore, time to face today’s challenge. It is, in my opinion, neither too easy nor too difficult. You have to think for a while but I know you’ll find the correct answer eventually.

It is a cartoon image of a traffic jam at an intersection. Things have become quite messy, but now it is your job to sort out this situation. Namely, one of the cars needs to move first for the traffic jam to be over.

Which of the cars needs to move first?

traffic jam

Now make sure you think about it carefully so that you are certain your answer is the correct one.

Had to think for a while

Maybe you already think you have the solution, but take one extra look for safety. I had to think for a while before I was 100% sure.

Below the next picture, we will present the correct solution!

healthy brainteaser
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

The answer is that car 3 must move first – by reversing!

Then the rest can easily drive forward and get out of there!

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