Today’s challenge: Which cup will fill up first?

When you read these lines, many of you are probably enjoying the sun, chilling on the couch, sitting on the bus on the way home or taking it easy in bed. Very important stuff, I’m sure. No problem – but what if you take a short break to train perhaps the most important thing we have?

Our brain!

Today, we would like to invite you to our challenge of the day! Both useful and fun at the same time!

We have previously shared lots of different puzzles. From finding a certain letter inside a sea of ​​numbers, to figuring out how many triangles are in a picture.

Which cup will fill up first?

All these kinds of brainteasers are good for us – and it is certainly useful to sit down to do similar puzzles from time to time.

That’s why I’m here today, I wanted to share a new one with you!

It’s quite simple, but at the same time, it can get tricky. It is important to concentrate and coordinate your brain and eyes. Now we’ll see if you can do it, and to make it fair, you only have 10 seconds.

Can you figure out which cup will fill up first in the picture?

Are you sure about your answer?

Several paths are blocked

Now check if you solved it correctly, here is the answer!

It’s NOT cup 1 that will up first, because the path has a blockade at the beginning.

It is also NOT cup 2 that’ll fill up first, because the path has a blockade at the end.

And it’s NOT cup 4 that will up first either, because the path has a blockade in the middle.

Could it be that cup 3 is the only one that can fill up, and therefore, the first one to do it? The answer is yes!

It’s actually quite obvious – if you pay attention, you’ll see that it is the only cup that doesn’t have the path blocked in its associated tube.

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