Today’s Challenge: Which glass do you think will fill up first?

Every time we engage with mainstream media by reading newspapers, watching TV, or just scrolling through our favorite social network, we see an endless stream of messages on how to exercise and eat healthy to become fit as quickly as possible. 

This is, of course, a good thing, but they tend to focus too much on the body, leaving out the fact that training the brain is just as important.

The mind needs regular exercise if we want to keep up with our busy lives full of chores and responsibilities.

Sitting down from time to time to solve a few puzzles does wonders for the brain. You practice your abilities to concentrate and think, all while having fun.

The most common puzzles are perhaps crosswords or sudoku, usually included in newspapers and magazines. But thanks to the internet, today there are millions of exciting challenges to choose from.

Time to focus

One type of puzzle that has become quite popular lately is the one that we’ll find a little further down.

In these types of challenges, it is important to really focus if you want to find the answer.

But if you truly bring out your problem-solving A-game, I know you got this.

Which glass will fill up first?

Here is today’s challenge. Are you ready?

In the picture below, we can see wine pouring into a system of pipes that ends up in four different wine glasses.

Your task is to figure out which of the glasses will fill up first – but you only have 30 seconds!

Here is the picture.

which glass will fill up first?

Did you solve it?

If you didn’t, we can go through the answer together.

Here is the solution

Below this picture is the explanation.

Image source: Pixabay

– It is not glass 1 as the beginning of the last tube leading to it is closed.

– It’s not glass 2 as the last bit of the path is blocked.

Glass 4 is not it either as the middle of the path is also closed.

– The answer is that glass 3 is will fill up first as it is the only glass that wine will get to at all.

Did you get it right? Congratulations!

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