Tricky Challenge: Can you solve this one on your own?

Brainteasers have piqued humanity’s curiosity since time immemorial. Puzzles, riddles, and most kinds of challenges have helped us test our problem-solving skills for a long time.

It can be anything, from optical illusions to math problems. Most of us find it fun and want to give it a go due to the satisfying feeling that comes after overcoming a challenge.

Almost every time I’m at my in-laws’ house, we all do a few crossword puzzles together. They say that it is the perfect brainteaser – and that it helps them stay fresh and sharp!

Back when we went to school, math problems were the usual exercise for the mind. But it wasn’t uncommon for us to end the day trying to solve a different type of puzzle.


Being able to do something other than adding and substracting was pretty nice. It became a small highlight of my childhood. Something that sort of stuck out.

The secret to solving these challenges was to reason in a slightly different way, to think outside the box if you will. I found this both fun and very invigorating.

Challenging oneself and seeing where one’s boundaries lie has been something that many of us enjoy. Maybe it’s due to our competitive instinct, but solving a difficult puzzle before your friends can often give you quite the rush.

Can you solve this one?

This riddle is a brilliant way to test yourself. I had to think for a long time before I came up with the answer. Apparently, only a few people can do it on their first try.

I can actually understand why they would say that, it is not an easy challenge!

Well – can you figure out the answer to this riddle?

solve this one
Image source: Newsner

A woman gave birth to two sons. They were born on the same hour of the same day of the same year. However, they are not twins. How is this possible?!

Take a moment to think! The answer will be explained below!

Here is the correct answer

Were you able to solve this one? Below this image, you’ll find the correct answer.

Image source: Wiki commons

Correct answer: The two boys make up two-thirds of a triplet constellation! So they are triplets instead of twins, quite a clever riddle huh?

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