Tricky puzzle: What animal is this visual illusion hiding?

Challenges like an optical puzzle, or a visual illusion as they are often called, have fascinated us, humans, since time immemorial.

A visual illusion is an image that deceives the eye and makes people think they are seeing something completely different from what is actually there. Dealing with these challenges is a great way to exercise the brain.

We often engage in brain-teasing by doing crossword puzzles or sudoku, but why not throw some other puzzles into the mix?

Below, we find a visual illusion that has been catching a lot of attention online – because people simply can not agree on the answer.

Time to solve a visual illusion

The illusion below has appeared on many sites in the past year, perhaps because it is quite tricky.

Whether you see what’s inside this optical illusion or not depends on the position of your head, or from which direction you look at the screen.

In other words, it is important to concentrate and think outside the box to solve this one.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Can you see which animal this picture is hiding?

Here comes today’s challenge.

Try to find an animal in this picture!

visual illusion

Did you manage to see any animal in the image?

If not, here’s the answer. Right after the picture below!


Opinions differ as to whether it is a wolf, dog, or fox. What do you think it is?

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