Very few people can find all the faces in this picture – how many do you see?

Regularly challenging our minds has become increasingly important since technology started doing almost everything for us. Today, the only tools we need to carry with us are our smartphones.

Therefore, it is vital to do some brainteasing from time to time. It gives the muscles inside our head what they need to stay fresh and sharp. It has the same effect as going for a run has on the rest of the body.

It can be anything from crossword puzzles to sudoku, or why not optical illusions like the one below?

Puzzles of this type are very popular online, and people all over the world are challenging friends and family to see who can do it faster.

Can you find all the faces?

In the picture below, you’ll see two faces around a tree. But the challenge itself is to find more faces than just those two.

The origin of the image is somewhat unclear. Still, according to most forums on the internet, the number of faces you see tells something about your memory.

Of course, this should be taken with a pinch of salt, but it’s still a fun challenge. Below is the picture, and further down, you can see what the number of faces you find says about your memory.

find all the faces
Image source: Youtube

How many faces do you see? Below are the results.

Do you see two to four faces?

The two faces right below the tree are, as I mentioned, easy to find. But if you can only find two more, it might mean that you have a bad memory.

Do you see five or six?

Can you find more than four faces in the picture? Nice, keep looking, but if five or six is ​​your number, your memory is average.

Seven to eight

If you see seven or eight faces, it means that your memory is good, but not incredible. Good job! If you keep solving brainteasers, your memory might become something extraordinary!

Did you find all the faces?

Congratulations to you who see nine or more faces! Your memory is super sharp, and you rarely forget any detail!

Did you tear your hair out looking for all the faces in the picture? Below you can see where most of them are hiding!

minds puzzle solution
Image source: Youtube

How many did you find?

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