What catches your eye first in this picture says something fascinating about your personality

Why are we here? Why are we created differently? What is the meaning of life? Since ancient times, humanity has been fascinated by its own existence. And visual puzzles or optical illusions are, according to some, able to reveal something about who we are as people.

On the web today, there are many different personality tests based on the different aspects of our humanity. Of course, you should take these tests with a pinch of salt, but they are nevertheless quite fun and often get things correctly.

The optical illusion below has been spinning around the web for a while and supposedly says something about your personality, depending on the object that you see first in the picture.

Do you see a monkey? or a tiger’s head?

Okay, in this picture, you can see two different things at first glance, depending on the type of personality you have.

What was the first thing you saw in the picture? Below we explain what your answer says about you as a person.

Personality test

Did you see a tiger’s head first?

This means that the left hemisphere of your brain is more active than the right one. That means you have an analytical personality. You like to plan and often think logically and realistically, fantasies are not your thing. All the decisions you make are precedented by careful consideration.

Did you see a monkey first?

Then your right hemisphere is more active. You are creative and love to fantasize. Don’t think about things before acting, but make decisions based on your gut feeling. You are impulsive and very emotional; you keep nothing to yourself. Learning new things is easy for you, even bad habits.

Even if you took this with a pinch of salt, it’s still exciting to do the test! Now press that SHARE button and check what your friends see first!