What you see in this picture reveals something exciting about you as a person!

Taking personality tests online is quite a popular activity. It’s fun and more often than not; they are quite right.

However, take these tests with a pinch of salt, since there‘s no science behind them.

I think it’s fun to do the ones where you look at a picture and depending on what you see it can say something about your personality.

These images are called optical illusions and contain several hidden figures. The idea is to find out the figure that your mind perceives first, and based on that, provide information about your personality.

What figure do you see?

Below is the first picture, what is the first thing you see? The answer to your personality comes after the picture. Remember not to take this too seriously!

Figure Picture 1

Did you see the woman or the older man?

If you see the old man with his eyes closed first, you are a sensitive person who shows a lot of kindness and empathy towards those close to you. You use the right side of your brain more than your left, suggesting creativity and artistry.

If instead, you saw the back of a young woman; you are more analytical and thoughtful. You make no moves without analyzing the situation carefully first. Those around you perceive you as a very strict and cold person, but it’s because you don’t let your feelings control your decisions, you trust nothing but logic.

What’s the first figure you see?

Here’s another image, which figure do you notice first?

Figure Picture 2

Do you see the car or the man with binoculars?

Seeing a car first shows that you value your own freedom highly. You like to travel, and nothing gets you more excited than an unexpected adventure. You take life at your own pace and don’t care about what people think.

If instead, you noticed the man with binoculars first, you often try to see the big picture instead of focusing on details. You’re a fast learner and have good self-esteem, but sometimes forget that the little things can also be important.

I saw the older man and the car first; I think it suits me quite well, even though there is no exact science behind this.

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