10 reasons why you should never ever have sex

Sex. What’s the deal?

It makes you tired, sweaty, and it’s exhausting.

A lot of people seem to think that sex is fun, feels good and is an important part of life, and that sex with the one you love is one of the best things there is.

But there are several reasons why you should never ever have sex…

1. It’s boring!

No thanks! Sex is boring as hell!


2. You get sweaty!

Who wants to get sticky and sweaty?


3. It’s not exciting

Once you’ve done it one time, you already know what it’s all about…


4. It’s exhausting

Who really wants to lie and cuddle with the one you love until you fall asleep after sex?


5. There’s no variety

There’s no way to change things up in the bedroom…


6. You can only do it in your bedroom

This activity is only meant for the bedroom… right?


7. You can catch a cold

Nobody wants to catch a cold!


8. It doesn’t feel good

A roll in the hay with the one you love can’t be that good, can it?


9. It steals sleep time

Why have sex when you can sleep?


10. It can get emotional

You can end up feeling all warm and fuzzy and wanting to be with your partner forever…


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