Chlo hooks up in a bar – but the text she gets after changes everything

When you are young and single, going out is a common occurrence. Of course, you go partying when you are older too, but it is probably fair to say that the nightclubs belong to those with more youth and energy.

Meeting new people and flirting is exciting during the first years of going out. You learn a lot about yourself and the people you hang out with.

Traditionally, it used to be the man who paid after having a few drinks in a bar.

But in recent years, it’s more common to either split the bill or that the person who offers to get drinks is the one who pays. And usually, there are no strings attached.

But that was not the case for 20-year-old Chlo Matthews. Because after a night out, she got a very interesting message, reports The Mirror.

If you are on a night out and see someone you like, you dare yourself to say hello and ask if you can buy them a drink. Thankfully either sex can initiate this nowadays.

He bought her some drinks

When 20-year-old Chlo Matthews, from the UK, was out with her friends, a young man approached her and asked if he could buy her a drink.

Chlo, interested in the man, accepted the invitation, and they seemed to hit it off.

As the evening drew to an end, they exchanged phone numbers so that they could keep in touch.

However, things did not go as Chlo hoped.

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“Who is this?”

Chlo received a text from the guy the next morning. Sadly, it was not to ask her on a date.

crazy text
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This is how the conversation went:

“Hey, who’s this?” Said the man.

“Aha, we met in Atik last night,” Chlo responded.

“O ye denim dress?”

“That’s the one”

“Nice one! Could you transfer me for those drinks I bought for you last night? Since we didn’t go home together it wasn’t really worth my time, was it? Lol.”

The text that “retired” her from dating

Chlo rejected the man and posted a picture of their conversation online, along with the text:

“So a guy invited me to a few drinks yesterday. We exchanged numbers and then this happened. I’m officially retiring from nights out.”

The picture has gotten over 60,000 likes since then, and several people who can relate to her negative dating experience have commented on the matter.

“This is a joke surely? Is this what society has come to?” writes a user.

“Wow, I have no words,” said another. “Apart from what the actual f*** is wrong with people! Send him 1 penny and tell him that’s what he is worth.”

You wonder whether all the true gentlemen are actually dead after reading this!

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