Emma, ​​31, is in love with a tree, hoping for marriage

None chooses who they fall in love with, and most times is something wonderful. Of course, who you fall for should never be something to be ashamed of, however, sometimes things get a bit too extreme.

Like for 31-year-old Emma McCabe from England.

She fell in love with a tree – and her love is so strong that for her, a wedding is the only option.

It was during 2015 that the world discovered this bizarre story. Emma, ​​a dendrophiliac, or a person sexually attracted to a tree, shared her odd and extraordinary story – about how she fell in love with this unanimated object.

Image: Reddit / CloserOnline

According to her statement, back when she was 31, Emma had grown tired of all the hassles she encountered while dating men. Instead, she found security, love, and fulfillment – in a tree she named Tim, reports HLN.

“The best sex I’ve ever had”

Their love was too strong. And Emma swore complete devotion to the tree – and to never set her eyes on other plants. “He”, according to her, is the only thing that has managed to satisfy her emotionally – and sexually, writes Elite Daily.

It’s the best sex I’ve ever had,” Emma said, according to several British news sites.

in love with a tree
Image: Twitter

Her two former boyfriends were then out-performed by this unanimated tree belonging to the family. When the unique story first came out, Emma announced plans for their wedding. In other words, there was no doubt that she, ​​at least then, had found the love of her life.

Since then, no more news of the British dendrophiliac and her partner came up, but we hope they are doing well.

Maybe they remain married to this day – no matter what we think of such a life choice, it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

I honestly think that Emma is quite cool for daring to share her story – and stand her ground when it comes to what makes her happy.

What do you think? Is it completely crazy, or did Emma do the right thing to follow her heart?

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