Here are the wolf briefs – sure to make your partner howl

What you dress like is no one else’s business. Your choice of clothes is like an extension of your own personality, and it is entirely up to you to decide how to express yourself.

But when it comes to underwear, things are a bit different – you might want to choose your garments based on what could attract a potential partner.

Of course, it is nearly impossible to predict what might light the fire of a future lover. Sometimes it may be necessary to take a leap of faith and turn the heat up.

If you choose to go with sexy lingerie, you should perhaps think about certain color associations. Red is said to be the color of love and romance. Black is classy sophistication mixed with erotic sexiness, and white symbolizes purity and cleanliness. However, there are other ways to relate to underwear.

Animals, clothes, and sex

Sex is often described as a hot and animalistic act. That is why these new briefs for men are now available – wolf underwear!

wolf briefs
Image source: Amazon

It is simply men’s underwear with a wolf face printed on the front. The wolf face will make any men look “sexy and wild,” according to the manufacturer.

Image source: Amazon

Spreading like wildfire online

Despite, or perhaps thanks to its unique design, the clothing item has quickly become a viral sensation online.

The wolf briefs also cost just under $6, which makes it a steal – a tiny price to pay to attract the female counterpart of your dreams, right?

The garment launch was quite successful – probably due to its fair price and internet popularity. The news of these unusual briefs continues to spread like wildfire online.

sexy clothes
Image source: Amazon

Unfortunately, the muscles are not included.

The underwear is available for purchase here!

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