Husband suffers from heavy diarrhea for 1 year after painful divorce, so he sets up a hidden camera in the kitchen

Divorce is a nightmare. Not only do you have to look at the person you used to love in the face and pretend everything is alright. You have to battle it out if you want to see your kids during the week or get to keep your dog. It’s just inevitable.

While necessary, it’s a complete drag. Don’t get me wrong, some ex-couples go through it without a fuss. But far too often, it’s an angry, sad, and energy-draining situation. And some people just go crazy when dealing with separation, like the Norwegian woman from our story, who handled her divorce in the worst possible way.

Her “revenge” was so bad it had to go through the Norwegian justice system.

Divorce and diarrhea

After a divorce between a couple in Larvik, Norway, the now ex-husband started having severe diarrhea and abdominal pain frequently – without understanding why.

He did not understand what was causing the issues – he never had similar health problems before.

At one point, he was rushed into the hospital due to the pain, reports Norwegian news site NRK.

Set up a surveillance camera

To find the cause, he tried to change his diet, exercise routine, restaurants he visited, etc. All unsuccessful. The problems continued until the fall of 2019, when the 55-year-old went to Spain for three weeks.

After being away from home for those 3 weeks, he got his health back. Not even a little stomach ache, and as any other person would – he became suspicious.

Divorce and diarrhea
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He bought a surveillance camera and set it up in his kitchen. Unsurprisingly, he caught his ex-wife red-handed on multiple occasions. She would sneak into the house, which she still had a spare key to, and put laxatives in both his food and drinks.

The man immediately called the police, and the district court sentenced the woman to 30 days of prison with a two-year probation period.

Talk about a nasty divorce, but it was nice that the man didn’t have any actual health problems. Her behavior can’t be excused – and who knows, maybe karma will make sure she gets some shit back.

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