Husband takes a picture every time he and his wife go for a drive, then the hilarious detail is revealed

Believe it or not, but driving long distances is one of my favorite things. You’re in a comfortable seat, you have time to talk about everything under the sun, you can drink coffee and play games with your passengers – an all-around good time.

As a driver, it’s important to have someone next to you who can keep you entertained, or at least keep you sharp and alert. It’s like have an assistant who can open your water bottles or read the map.

However, if there’s just two of you in the car and your passenger is a real sleepyhead, then long trips become a bit more problematic.

I guess you could say that there are two kinds of people: those who need a dark, quiet room to fall asleep, and those who can doze off even if someone is vacuuming right next to them.

Reddit user MrMagoo21 and his wife often go on road trips together. They’ve been married for several years, and most of the time, he’s the one behind the wheel when they’re going somewhere.

His wife, who’s acting assistant in the passenger seat… isn’t doing too hot.

Totally relatable

The husband has compiled a large number of pictures from their trips together. And in every single one, his wife is out like a light in the passenger seat. His photos are now making the internet laugh out loud! Millions of people can totally relate to his predicament – sleeping in the car is more popular than I thought!

Look at the pictures below, I can’t help but smile at his sleepy wife and his resigned face!

Source (all): reddit

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