Man eats a whole chocolate bar – turns out to be 12 doses of laxative

Man eats a whole chocolate bar – turns out to be 12 doses of laxative

When you are starving and food crosses your path, it’s hard to pace yourself while eating, especially if it’s something you love.

Even though there is no greater joy, it’s important to control yourself.

A man from Minnesota, for example, ate a whole ex-lax chocolate bar in one sitting. That was 12 times the recommended dosage – and the consequences came as an “explosive” surprise.

It was the man’s wife who shared the story on Facebook. It was by mistake that he ate the whole pack. It may not sound like much, but add the fact that the candy has a heavy laxative, and the story becomes much funnier.

chocolate laxative

This story reminded me of the thief who thought he had stolen drugs, but it turned out it was laxatives.

Explosive diarrhea

Abby Jimenez is the author of the post that’s still spreading like wildfire online. She and thousands of readers laughed themselves to tears.

“So last night my husband took some Ex-lax. Then this morning, some shit started going down. Like, literally.

He looked at the packaging and realized that when it said to eat 1-2 squares, it meant the tiny squares, not an entire block.

He ate 12 DOSES of Ex-lax,” she reported on Facebook.

Oh my God, I have never laughed so fucking hard in my LIFE.So last night my husband took some Ex-lax. Then this…

Posted by Abby Jimenez on Thursday, August 1, 2019

Abby called Poison Control because her husband thought he was dying, but it wasn’t the easiest call to make.

“I’m barely able to talk, I’m laughing so hard. The guy on the other end probably thought it was a prank call. I swear to God, I hope they record their calls and enjoy that one at the staff meeting later because even thinking about me trying to explain that my 39-year-old husband just ate a whole brick of Ex-lax is making me wheeze.

The guy was like, ‘The biggest risks are cramping, dehydration, and diaper rash.’

Motherfucking DIAPER RASH.

??????????????? I was NOT ready for this dude to come at me with diaper rash. I completely lost it,“ She added.

“I love it”

Abby also wrote in the post that her husband it’s fine – and he agreed to share the embarrassing incident on Facebook.

“I am DYING over here! How is your life so comical?? I love it, thank you! And thank your husband for allowing you to share.” wrote one reader.

“What a gift to allow us to share the INSANITY of that story!!!” said another.

I agree 100% – it’s great for the soul to hear this kind of stories.

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