1 of these blondes is the mother to the other 2, but no one can figure out who it is

Age is just a number, and we see clear evidence of it everywhere. Some people seem to have discovered the secret to staying young, both inside and outside, despite age and the laws of nature.

Like 48-year-old Natalie Wardell from Australia. Who’s constantly mistaken for her daughters’ sister, reports the Daily Mail.

Sometimes, when you meet a parent with their child, you can jokingly say they look like siblings, it’s a nice compliment towards the parent.

But when people bump into the Wardell family, they genuinely can’t see the difference between mother and daughters.

Age is just a number

The family consists of Natalie, 48, and her daughters Jazmyne, 23, Tamika, 21, and Montana, 18.

Instead of a normal mother-daughter relationship, Natalie is her daughters’ best friend, and they usually go clubbing, to restaurants and most places together.

“People ask if I am their sister”

When they go out, the women in this family like to dress in bright and protruding colors, and they often get plenty of attention, but nobody believes them when Natalie admits being the oldest.

“People ask if we’re sisters all the time, and some even think Jazmyne is my mum because she’s so tall and I’m so short. I take it as a compliment to me,” Natalie told the Daily Mail.

Can you guess who’s the mother?

Here is a picture of just Natalie.

However, Natalie also receives some jealous comments as well.

“People will say things like ‘You try to copy them’, but I mean I’ve had long blonde hair since I was 15. It’s just genetics,” said Natalie.

Of course, it’s amazing how similar they are, despite the age difference!

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