This is why you should always wear socks when you go to bed

No matter what you did or how much fun you had through the day, jumping in bed at the end of it, will always be one of the best feelings out there. Few places in the world feel as comfortable and cozy as being under the covers on a cold winter night.

However, what you wear in bed varies greatly from person to person. Some of us get very warm and end up sleeping in the nude, which is healthy for the body, reports WebMD.

Other people, instead, get colder at night and wear full-body pajamas to bed – which I can understand to some extent.

Wearing socks in bed, however, feels both uncomfortable and wrong – but the fact is that it might be a very good idea.

We all should sleep with socks on

If you were to jump in bed wearing socks, most people would probably raise an eyebrow, as that is not the standard practice.

But according to research conducted at the University of Basel, it is better to sleep with socks on, reports Tiphero.

How come then?

Socks for bed
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Dilated blood vessels

The researchers monitored the temperature in the participants’ hands and feet, comparing it to how fast they fell asleep.

The participants were mostly young men, and the results showed that those with warm feet fell asleep faster than those who slept without socks.

What happens is that the blood vessels dilate, which makes you get warmer. Then the heat spreads from the feet to the rest of the body, making it easier to fall asleep.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

So if you get cold feet at night, you should try this for a good night’s sleep.

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