Alexander has a list of how “a nice woman” should act

There is a social construct that dictates what is typically feminine and masculine. However, these old guidelines are slowly fading away, leaving space for common sense and the evolution of our society.

Of course, it is harder for some people to accept change. Suddenly, women having short hair or men being in touch with their feelings, oh the tragedy! These things somehow end up offending conservative people. It is understandable yet inexcusable. 

People can live and look however they want. Thinking that you have a say in what others are allowed to wear, do, or think about is absolutely insane and screams privilege.

Alexander Cortes, a clear example of entitlement, has made a twelve-point list to help men choose the right woman.

Alexander Cortes. Source: Twitter.

When Alexander posted the list, he probably thought he was doing the world a favor. In his head, everyone was going to applaud his efforts—however, things did not go as expected.

How to become a “Beautiful woman”

Of course, the list and the concept itself are idiotic, as there is no template for a woman or man to be better than the rest. You can do whatever you want. Love yourself and who you are first. Actions speak much louder than words, especially words from such a hollow idea as this list.

We want to point out that we think this list is as stupid as it gets!

Here is Alexander’s list for “How to be a beautiful woman.”

  1. Be thin
  2. Be able to cook
  3. Have long hair
  4. Wear make-up
  5. Act feminine
  6. Be graceful
  7. Be sensual
  8. Shave (should without saying)
  9. Be fashionable
  10. Wear pink and feminine colors
  11. Love men
  12. Listen to men.

After facing massive backlash, Alexander deleted his original tweet. So the source has been removed.

Alexander doubles down

To no one’s surprise, Alexander’s list erected strong reactions worldwide, and people were enraged by his entitled idea. Unfortunately, Alexander has doubled down on his opinion.

“You can use this list to vet women. If you show them this list and they become angry, that lets you know that they are harpies that you never want to breed with and that they would be terrible mothers,” Alexander told The Mirror.

What do you think? Is he on to something? Or is his list a consequence of people refusing to adapt? Press that SHARE button below and let people live however they want!