Angry vegan can’t stand neighbors barbecuing fish – so she sues them

Every single person on this planet is different – one way or the other. That’s what makes our world such a beautiful and colorful place.

We all have different beliefs, opinions, and values. But for everyone to coexist together in peace, we must respect each other, even if we have our differences.

However, that seems to not be going very well in a particular neighborhood in Western Australia. Cilla, a vegan, has sued her neighbors – because their barbecuing makes her backyard smell like fish and meat.

This dispute is one of the craziest we’ve heard!

Cilla Carden, a woman working as a masseur – goes to great lengths to stick to a vegan lifestyle. But it seems it all falls apart when her neighbors fire off the grill.

Both meat and fish are barbecued often in the house next to hers – and this makes Cilla furious.

Cannot stand the barbecuing

The smell leaves her unable to use her backyard.

Image: Youtube

To put an end to this “disgusting” anti-vegan practice, she decided to take her neighbors to court, reports Nine News Perth. Carden said that the family in the house next door intentionally makes sure that the barbecue smell finds its way into her backyard, which she can no longer use.

“They’ve put it there so I smell fish, all I can smell is fish…” she told the Australian news channel. “I can’t go out there.”

vegan is mad
Image: Youtube

The dispute has been ongoing since the end of 2018, but so far, Cilla Carden has not been successful with any of her attempts in court. One of the reasons, according to Ladbible, is that it is difficult to prove that someone is barbecuing with malicious intent.

Disturbed by everything

According to her lawyer John Hammond, after being rejected by the Supreme Court of Western Australia, their next step might be the Australian Supreme Court, but it doesn’t seem like that option is on the table yet.

a person that can't stand the smell
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Carden has also stated that she is annoyed by the smell of cigarettes and the neighbor’s children playing.

Here you can see a video about the ongoing feud!

Sure, it can be annoying to have neighbors sometimes, but resorting to a lawsuit to get others to stop barbecuing – that’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard. I don’t think it will go very well for her.

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