Bicycle thief leaves behind a cheeky note and is now being hailed as a genius

A bike thief is now being praised (!) On social media.

The reason being that the note he left behind explains why they stole the bike. It turns out that there was a pretty good reason for this “theft.”

Getting robbed of something is always annoying. Your phone, wallet, keys, or bike are incredibly frustrating things to lose – especially if it’s to a dishonest and greedy individual that can’t keep their hands in their own pockets.

Feeling helpless after someone steals something of you is one of the worst feelings out there. But thankfully, today’s story will give some closure to those of us who can identify with the situation.

Left a note after stealing the bike

Everyone can probably relate to the hardships of losing something this way – and that is perhaps why a bicycle thief from Ireland is now receiving a lot of appreciation on social media.

bike thief

It may sound strange, but when you read the note that the person left behind after they took the bike, it all makes sense.

cheeky note

“If you’re looking for the gray bike – I stole it back – It was mine. 

“Photos plus serial number to prove!

“So long sucker! (HA HA – Loser!)”

This is what the note said.

The internet cheers for the rightful owner

In other words, the rightful owner of the bike stole it back after seeing it parked in town.

It is unclear if the person who had the bike was the one who stole it from them, or had bought it without realizing it was a stolen bike.

No matter what, thousands of users online think the note is both brilliant and funny! And I wholeheartedly agree!

Talk about rubbing salt in the wound – ouch! I can’t stop laughing when I imagine the original thief’s face when he saw the note! This is what happens when you associate yourself with stolen goods!

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