Climate activists harass farmer—so he covers them in raw sewage from his farm

Climate activists harass farmer—so he covers them in raw sewage from his farm

The environment is now constantly one of the hottest topics today.

After the last heatwave, the consequences of global warming are becoming obvious worldwide. Yet, we somehow still have people denying climate change. Of course, doomsday might not be around the corner. Still, we definitely are leaving a harsher environment for future generations.

However, my hope in humanity gets restored when I see people trying to make a difference. Be it a change in their lifestyle (recycling, riding their bike to work, etc.) or involving themselves in climate activism. Just doing whatever you can, will earn you my utmost respect.

At the same time, even if it’s frustrating how much misinformation has been pushed around the topic. We should never resort to illegal activities to get our voices heard—and I think most of us can agree on that.

Some time ago, however, a group of environmental activists thought themselves above the law.

They entered a farmer’s private land without permission to throw an anti-fracking demonstration. The group set up big tents and basically had a little fare on the farmer’s property.

Asked the activists to leave the place

The farmer finally had enough.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get them to leave, the older man decided to show them what he thought of their annoying protest.

Image: Youtube

The farmer hooked a huge septic trailer to the back of his tractor, drove through and around the area where the protesters had set up camp—and sprayed the whole place with fresh pee and feces.

It ultimately led to the activists having to leave the site.

Not only did he get rid of the unwelcome guests, but he also took care of fertilizing his land ahead of schedule. A perfect example of killing two birds with one stone.

Praised for his clever revenge

From now on, these protesters will think twice before setting up on private property without a permit.

Image: Youtube

His inventive, clever, and stinky revenge has spread like wildfire online. Most viewers agree that the farmer did precisely the right thing by giving the protesters something to think (and smell) about. Still, others believe he could have managed the whole thing more peacefully.

See the clip of the farmer’s cheeky revenge below.

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