Driver throws garbage on the road – gets taught a lesson

Taking care of our planet is something we don’t seem to be taking seriously enough. We have a duty to think of the generations that’ll come after us. Sadly, we are better at solving problems than preventing them, as the coronavirus pandemic clearly showed.

No one is perfect—but we still must try to do our best. You are on the right path as long as you want to learn and adapt your routine to protect our climate.

However, a very fundamental concept is to NOT throw garbage out in nature!

Most people know the basics of road etiquette and cleanliness. However, there is always a cringelord ready to annoy everyone around them.

Throwing garbage on the road

A man installed a camera on his truck for insurance reasons since it is one of the most secure ways to get evidence when you get in an accident. These cameras are constantly recording while the vehicle is on.

He had to stop because of a traffic jam. But suddenly, while waiting, a man started throwing garbage out of his car onto the road without a care in the world.

Image source: Youtube

Time and time again, you can see how paper, plastic, and other things fly out through the window and land at the side of the road.

Of course, no one should ever tolerate this.

The driver gets out of his truck

Thankfully, this truck driver had no room for this person’s attitude—and immediately took matters into his own hands.

The man gets off his truck and does what any other person tired of pointless pollution would do!

Now check out the clip below—and watch this driver’s satisfying revenge!

The truck driver picks up all the trash at the side of the road and throws it back into the car that just threw it out.

Image source: Youtube

Deserves respect

Hopefully, this became a much-needed life lesson for the idiot who will now think twice before throwing garbage out of his car again.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to praise the truck driver who dealt with the situation in such a straightforward way. What an example!

Do you think the truck driver did the right thing?

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