Horse gets tired of carrying 2 heavy tourists, but has a perfect revenge

Nothing makes my blood boil more than watching an animal being exploited and/or abused.

Witnessing them being used as tourist attractions or to carry out demanding jobs in poor conditions – it’s just the worst.

For example, you can, of course, ride a horse. In the right conditions, the animal will enjoy the experience just as much as you. But as the owner or caretaker, you also have the responsibility to treat the animal with respect and make sure it’s not forcing itself.

Unfortunately, some people only think about their own benefit. So they use animals for profit while completely ignoring their well-being. Idiots, I feel no sympathy for them – and hope they get punished for their selfishness.

Spreading like wildfire

The same applies to tourists who support such acts with their money. Enabling the exploitation. This, as I said, is not always the case, many of us love and respect our animal friends – and that should, of course, be always the case.

Simply treat animals like you wish to be treated.

But now, a clip from earlier this year is spreading like wildfire online – and it’s about what we were just talking about.

Image: Youtube / ViralHog

A horse, tired of carrying two heavy tourists, follows its caretaker lead. But it seems the animal has had enough.

In the video, the horse is supposed to cross a small stream and at first, the horse clearly doesn’t want to complete the task, but after the caretaker continues to tell the tourists to instigate the poor horse, it gives in. However, this is not the end, but the beginning of this animal’s sweet revenge!

Don’t mess with the horse

Tyler and Ariel, the people riding the horse, won’t get away so easily.

horse revenge
Image: Youtube / ViralHog

The horse crosses the stream, but right at the end, karma bites the riders in the ass. The ride ended in a way they probably didn’t imagine – and my guess is that in the future, they will think twice before trying to overload an exhausted animal.

Check out the clip below!

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