Idiot refuses to put out his cigarette while in a gas station

Smoking has, fortunately, become increasingly uncommon today. Certainly, the new smoking laws have contributed to this, which is good for everyone’s health, and the environment as well.

Somewhere where you should never even consider lighting a cigarette is a gas station. That is just very basic common sense, something everyone should understand.

But there are idiots everywhere, and this particular specimen thought it was a good idea to light a cigarette while he was filling his tank at a gas station. But he would quickly regret his stupid idea.

In the clip below, we can see a man driving to a gas station. Almost immediately, he steps out of the car with a cigarette in hand.

Refuses to put out the cigarette

Other customers try to tell him how dangerous what he is doing is – pointing out that he should immediately put out his cigarette.

However, the man ignores all their warnings – and decides to keep smoking his lit cigarette.

Idiot in a gas station
Image source: Youtube

But of the staff members is not going to put up with it. Maybe this has been a recurring problem at that particular gas station, so he decides to take matters into his own hands before something terrible happens.

The gas station strikes back

With common sense on his side – of course, people should never be standing around smoking in the middle of a gas station.

His magnificent answer would give the smoking little shit something to think about.

Now check out the video yourself from one of the gas station surveillance cameras.

The man from the staff pulls out a fire extinguisher and uses it to put out the idiot’s cigarette.

Well deserved if you ask me – and this arrogant guy will hopefully think twice before behaving so recklessly ever again.

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