Joey forced to leave his job because of his clothing – returns with a brilliant comeback

During hot summer days, it’s horrible to wear heavy, warm clothes. You almost want to go around naked – or with as little clothes as possible at least. However, it can create problems in your workplace where one must follow a dressing code.

In this case, you have to get very creative to dress formally without sweating to death. Reading between the lines, however, will get you very far in this world, just like the Englishman Joey Barge in today’s story.

The young man was at the beginning of his career working in an office in London. He had to wear a suit. It wasn’t optional; it was mandatory – which sounds awful when it’s 93 degrees outside.

Sent home by his manager

It was a hot summer day two years ago when this event took place. Joey, feeling the heat, decides he’s had enough of wearing warm clothes – so he puts on a pair of shorts and a v-neck t-shirt, and heads to work.

Image: Twitter / @ jBarge_

“If women can wear skirts/dresses at work can I wear smart shorts like so? ”, He wrote on Twitter while driving to the office.

However, it wasn’t that simple. About half an hour later, the man reported to his followers that his manager had sent him home – to change. Joey knew that the dress code at work was strict, but perhaps not so strict that would send him home to change during such a hot day.

But this young man had a stroke of genius.

Returned – wearing a dress

Because the women at work were able to wear dresses or skirts, Joey set sail for his mother’s house. Once there, he looked around in her wardrobe to find something that would suit him.

Image: Twitter / @ jBarge_

An hour later he returned to work – wearing a dress.

Image: Twitter / @ jBarge_

They didn’t find it as funny as I did in the office when he appeared wearing his striking new clothes, however, his boss was forced to accept defeat. In a company-wide email later that day, the management wrote that men, under warm weather, could wear three-quarter shorts.

Everyone wins! After his amazing idea, Joey and his male colleagues can now go to work in lighter clothes. What a relief. Especially now during the summer!

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