Revenge: Idiot driver pushes biker into oncoming traffic

If there is one thing that irritates me, it is people who disrespect others in traffic.

It is not only unpleasant but also life-threatening. Ignoring the laws and regulations of the road puts everyone around you in danger. A small mistake can cost lives – and all drivers must do their part to make the roads safer.

When someone puts others in danger, that person should, of course, be punished – preferably by being arrested or held accountable some other way. It is quite satisfying to see a criminal getting a slap of karma right in the face!

Merging interceptions are a great example of why drivers must cooperate on the road. In this situation, the famous zipper principle applies.

Drivers must be aware of each other and decide who goes first, one at a time, alternating the merging lanes, like zipper teeth. Hence the name.

Cutting a biker off

Unfortunately, there are always a-holes who try to cut their way in. It is not only stupid but also very dangerous.

cutting biker off

In the clip below, a woman driving a gray sedan ruthlessly tries to cut in front of a biker. The driver enters the road and cuts off the motorcyclist. Consequently, she also forces her fellow road user into oncoming traffic.

The biker tries to catch the woman’s attention because she’s putting him in an extremely dangerous situation.

However, she just ignores him and laughs. Thankfully, she would not be the last one to do so – as we can see just seconds later.

traffic crimes

It turns out there’s a police car further ahead, which the motorcyclist quickly contacted – and the officer took care of the rest.

Now check out the crazy clip below captured by the biker’s GoPro camera.

The woman probably received somewhere between 200 and 300 dollars in fines. The biker uploaded it all on Youtube and thanked the police for quickly and efficiently taking care of the situation.

Justice served, and a lousy driver got exactly what she deserved! Fantastic!

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