Woman gets furious when someone steals her milk every day – her revenge shocks the entire office

Working in an office means that you share a lot, restrooms, dressing rooms, and even the kitchen.

In the kitchen, you can find the fridge, and that’s usually the source of most arguments within a company. Some leave food that smells, others just forget a meal until it rots — and the worst ones, the famous food thieves.

A woman, tired of having her coffee milk stolen every day at her workplace, decided it was time for some cold-served revenge, according to the site Small Joys.

Being annoyed by what some people put it in the office fridge is a feeling everyone can relate to. Someone forgets his lunch box, and it stays there until it starts to smell, other people just like to eat things, like fish, that make the entire office smell like the sea, or even worst some will just plainly steal someone else’s food out of the fridge. In the vast majority of cases, it rarely results in more than an angry note or an email.

Got the milk stolen every day

But a woman got enough when an office thief stole her coffee milk every day. Even though she hid her milk behind other products, the thief managed to find it and drink it.

But instead of looking for the culprit and confronting them, she decided it was time to get revenge.

“Hope you’ve enjoyed”

After the anonymous thief drank the woman’s milk for several weeks, one morning she left a note on the milk package that read:

milk thief
Image Source: Reddit

I’m guessing this thief got a nice surprise and will think twice before stealing food again!

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