Son throws stones at police during important mission – then mom brings down the hammer of justice

Son throws stones at police during important mission – then mom brings down the hammer of justice

Lately, policemen and other service personnel have been quite busy, they always are, but recently, there seems to be a lot of scandals about power abuse.

Causing the majority of officers, who care and do their best to protect us, to be treated with stone-throwing and other forms of violence during riots and protests.

It is more prevalent in some places, but it really feels like a problem that society must address.

That the police have to deal with a bunch of idiots who don’t know how to protest peacefully – not only is not okay, it also hurts the cause they are protesting for!

Many times it is younger guys who just want to let out their stress. It’s hard to think their parents would allow them to do it this way – and you can’t help but wonder if they are doing anything to solve it.

There are many who just stand watching when the police are being attacked with stones and other dangerous objects. Certainly, it‘s the police who have the equipment to deal with the situation – but at the same time, it’s annoying that someone should put them in such dangers. Especially if it‘s the same people they are trying to protect.

Everyone knows what she’s thinking

Some time ago something like this happened in the city of Baltimore. There were a bunch of masked men who attacked the police with stones. If there was anyone wondering, “Where are their parents?” Don’t worry, the answer to that will come soon.

Suddenly, one of the guy’s mom appears – and then there will finally be justice!


The clip (below) clearly shows what she thinks about her son’s actions. The guy who was first tough and angry with the police soon has nothing to say. And it’s not a surprise, who would dare to mess with such an angry mother?

The video clip has over 50,000 views – and the internet has praised the brave woman for her reaction. She properly corrects her son, and her anger is understandable!

I think she is a real hero and with such a strong character the son should really try to learn from her values. Hopefully, this guy thought about his choices!

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