Idiot attacks old lady at night – but just watch when she turns around

Idiot attacks old lady at night – but just watch when she turns around

If there is something that makes me angry, it is when people treat their elders poorly.

They worked and fought for decades so our generation could have what they didn’t – and deserve all the respect we can offer. Unfortunately, there are people who don’t realize this and only care about themselves.

This usually includes disrespecting old people. Either just for laughs or to take advantage of them being defenseless. It makes me furious just thinking about it – that there are such selfish, mean, and ill-intended people it’s a very scary thought.

People who abuse the elderly deserve anything bad that comes their way, and I can’t think of a single acceptable excuse. Therefore, I feel little sympathy for those who commit this type of crime and end up paying dearly for it.

Old lady’s revenge

The clip below has received thousands of views on Youtube, there are two idiots who see an old woman walking on the side of a street late at night. They decide to mess with her and while one gets out of the car, the other one takes up their phone to film it all, all while laughing.

old lady revenge

The man sneaks up to the woman and attacks her. His purpose is unclear, but whatever it is, it’s terrible to see. What, on the other hand, gets me to rejoice is what happens next.

When the old lady feels the hit and turns around, she goes to town!

Grandma doesn’t kid around

In just a few seconds, it is the lady who, with the help of her cane, brings swift justice to the face of this scummy young man – and this grandma does not kid around. The retiree distributes a few good hits before she walks away satisfied.

The clip is of poor quality, but you can clearly see what happens! If this video clip is real (some say it may be fake, but we don’t know), then I applaud this brave grandma’s revenge!

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Talk about standing up for yourself! I’m sure this idiot won’t mess with the elderly again!

What a comeback! She put all the trash on their place! Now press SHARE if you think this old lady did the right thing. And to pay tribute to this brave grandma!