Wife complains of pain in the abdomen and the doctor’s finding makes her husband want an immediate divorce

Cheating on your partner is wrong, let’s get that out of the way. If you feel that you would rather be with someone else, either try to fix things or be upfront about your feelings. Going behind your partner’s back betraying their trust speaks volumes of the kind of person you are.

Although I know most people agree with the paragraph above, we wouldn’t be talking about it if everyone did.

However, it’s nice to read or hear about cases where a cheater’s true colors get exposed. Just like in today’s story.

A recent story from the television show “Sex Sent Me to the ER” was a massive hit online.

The program is about cases where patients are forced to seek emergency care for sex-related issues. In the show, paid actors re-enact the ER stories, however, all episodes are based on true events.

Strange pain in the nether regions

The wife in today’s story was feeling pain in her abdomen, close to her crotch. After it didn’t get better for a few weeks, she and her husband rushed to the ER to find help.

The couple openly told the doctor that they hadn’t had sex in several weeks and that they didn’t know what caused the pain.

The doctor told them he needed to do a pelvic exam to figure out what was wrong, or if more tests would be required.

After a few weird attempts to decline the exam by the wife, even approaching the doctor in private, claiming she might have an STD since she suspected her husband was cheating on her. Either way, the doctor told her that he would still need to perform the pelvic exam first.

Cheating wife exposed

But the doctor didn’t need to take any samples. Inside this woman’s vagina, the doctor found a used condom – with mixed reactions of surprise, dismay, and fury.

It turns out that the couple had not used condoms in the last 5 years, because the husband got a vasectomy.

wife cheating
Image source: Youtube

Instead, the condom was, obviously, left in there while the wife was cheating on her husband.

Below you can see the entire clip.

What a terrible human being – serves her right! Enough evidence for a clean divorce if the husband decides he’s had enough.

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