Sofia has sex parties with her friends

Sexual preferences vary from person to person, which is quite natural considering we are all individuals with different backgrounds.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having particular kinks, types, or positions, as long as there is consent and everyone involved is an adult. 

Someone who’s trying to bring kinks and sex talk into a more positive light is 28-year-old Sofia Su. She regularly has sex with all her friends and arranges sex parties for all her acquaintances once a month.

Juicebox might sound like the name of some hip cafe where young adults gather to drink organic juices.

But it is actually the name of something completely different.

Monthly sexual parties

A while ago, Sofia founded the sex club Juicebox—a night bar focused on highlighting the positive side of sex. Even though she is involved in other activities, orgies, orgasms, and porn are something Sofia is really passionate about.

Once a month, she organizes sex parties—to which she invites all her friends. However, these wild events attract thousands of aspiring participants.

Source: Facebook

The 27-year-old is anything but shy when it comes to her sex life.

“I have had sex with all my closest friends, and several of them regularly,” she said, according to the Swedish news site Expressen.

There is no doubt that Sofia values sex ​​highly.

“I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to have sex with my friends.”

“Just do it—life is short”

Her free sex life, and the fact that it involves multiple people, have led Sofia to the Social Media spotlight. But the online reactions are mixed.

Source: Facebook

“I’m too shy to lend my clothes to my friends, let alone sleep with them,” writes one person.

“As long as everyone involved is fine with it, just do it. Life is short. Enjoy it,” wrote a user.

“I think you might erode the meaning of both sex and friendship this way,” said another.

How do you feel about this—could you have sex with all your friends?

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