Amber is harassed by sleazy pervert – her brilliant response makes him furious

Amber is harassed by sleazy pervert – her brilliant response makes him furious

Unfortunately, there are scary people on the internet: trolls, perverts, and even stalkers. On the other hand, there are kind and respectful people as well. Thankfully, the latter is probably a majority. I sure hope so!

However, if you visit different forums or dating sites, there is a certain risk of coming across these people, the scary ones. Women are the ones affected the most by this. And it’s infuriating that they just can’t relax among strangers without being harassed, stalked or worse.

It was some time ago that the “#metoo” movement rose up. It seriously raised questions and discussions about men’s wicked behavior against women.

I was great that this matter was brought up, I think – and a lot of people were put in the spot after several scandals blew up.

We should treat our fellow human beings with dignity and equality – that’s common sense. You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out! We must respect each other’s privacy and be able to take no for an answer. Harassing, or abusing other people is never okay, regardless of the circumstances.

A clever response

An embarrassed person can react in many ways. I don’t know what I would do, but the other day I heard a story about a girl named Amber, who I think gave an excellent response to a pervert who wanted to see her naked.

The woman in the picture has nothing to do with this story.

It’s not complicated, but there is beauty in its simplicity.

Whether this really happened or not, I don’t know. It is likely that the whole thing is fictional. Even if it is, I think it’s really funny. Of course not the man’s behavior, but Amber’s clever response!

He found her through a social network, a friend of a friend kinda thing. They started texting, and things escalated quickly.

It did not take long before he started showing his sleazy side.

The pervert first SMS

But look at Annas’s reply below – in full!

What a response!

After reading her first answer, the guy probably expected some sexy nudes, but instead, he got a picture with literally no clothes! Simply an empty clothesline. Haha!

The man immediately became furious and this conversation was over! Anna handled the situation like a boss, a healthy dose of trolling for a creepy pervert!

I got a good laugh from her response! So cheeky and simple! Don’t mess around now, press that SHARE button if you agree and think that the man got exactly what he deserved!