Mary tormented by scammers – her genius response leaves them furious

I think most of us have encountered a scammer who is willing to do almost anything to trick you out of your money. Often it’s about getting emails from strange senders, or a nasty phone call, and sometimes it may even be a deceitful SMS.

Thankfully, it’s usually quite easy to understand when you meet someone with bad intentions. Their English is often quite bad, or what they promise is too good to be true.

I get embarrassed myself every now and then, when for a second, I think that I’m the winner of some random lottery – before realizing what everyone knows – it’s a bluff. Especially when they always want you to respond with your bank details or something like that.

Unfortunately, there are some scammers who succeed. I just hope that the police and other authorities catch them – honest people losing their hard earned money is just sad and very wrong!

Making phone calls to offer “incredible deals” is one thing, but being contacted by people with the sole intention to steal from you – it’s completely different. This should be crystal-clear.

Trying to be Wells Fargo

A woman named Mary received an SMS from one of these scammers. However, she immediately understood what was going on. Whether or not this really happened, I don’t know, but in any case, this happens almost daily – so coming up with such a cheeky answer, puts the idiot in his place, and makes me very happy!

This time, Mary received an SMS from a sender who called himself “Wells Fergo”. Probably an almost comically weak attempt to appear as Wells Fargo, a huge American bank, it seems the fraudster didn’t do his homework!

In the first SMS, this was the message:

The scammers first contact

You can easily understand that this is a scam! Wells Fargo would never ask for information this way, and their writing is so bad that it’s very hard to take the situation seriously. Especially from a bank where everything should be organized and professional!

A short fuse

But Mary’s witty response got this cheater in a bad mood! See the continued SMS exchange below! In particular, at the end, it’s going to get quite funny, I couldn’t stop myself from giggling.

Mary’s simple answer caused the scammer, who obviously had a short fuse and an even shorter vocabulary, to get really angry! It made my day.

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