Teenage daughter’s male friend wants to sleep over – but her mother’s snappy response is cheered online

Teenage daughter’s male friend wants to sleep over – but her mother’s snappy response is cheered online

Nowadays, coming out as homosexual it’s not taboo like it used to be in the past. Certainly, it’s still hard for many people to be open about it, but it seems like the social climate has become far less judgmental regarding people’s sexual orientation.

It’s obviously a big step in the right direction. Even though we still have a long way to go to improve the situation of the LGBT community, it won’t change overnight. But to come as far as we have is quite positive!

Most of my friends are open about their sexuality, and what I think of them will always be the same regardless of their sexual orientation. Why should it be any different? We all deserve the same respect and treatment as we are equal human beings on this planet.

Sometimes humor is the best way to de-dramatize this type of situations. It’s still a hard topic to bring up because, even though we have progressed a lot as a society, the hate towards the LGBT community is still very present, and you never know when you will encounter it, but a joke or two can often ease the mood and let the person relax, knowing they won’t face judgment from you.

Like it happened to Mason Brian Barclay, as the site good.is reported. He is openly gay and leads a happy life.

Mason Brian Marclay
Twitter / @ maymaybarclay

One of Mason’s best friends, a girl named Houston, was planning a sleepover at her house on Friday.

“A very gay man”

Mason wanted to attend the sleepover — but how would he go about it? To get Houston’s parents to agree that a guy of the same age as their daughter could spend the night in her room, he decided to send a text to Houston’s mom.

Guy friend wants to sleep over
Twitter / @ maymaybarclay

What now, however, caused thousands of people online to laugh is the mother’s answer. She was quick and clever — with the sharpest of minds, her answer was:

Guy friends wants to sleep over 2
Twitter / @ maymaybarclay

“ I just sprinkled coffee all over me when I read this mother’s reply! Wonderful!” Writes one of many Twitter users who got a laugh from the friendly conversation.

I agree with them — the mother’s answer is clever and of course, Mason was allowed to attend the sleepover!

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