Here is a Mom's crazy diet to live a healthier life

Here is a Mom’s crazy diet to live a healthier life

Staying healthy is extremely important if you want to live a long and happy life—no one wants to be sick and bedridden during their older years.

Of course, there are lots of things that affect your overall health. Everything from the clothes you wear to the amount of time you spend outside influences our lives.

But the question is whether the mother of two, Tracy Kiss from England, has taken things a step too far—she is now eating semen to stay healthy, reports The Mirror.

Tracy Kiss is a mother of two who works as a personal trainer during the day. In other words, she is well educated when it comes to healthy habits. Maybe that’s why she has an— to say the least, unusual method of avoiding colds.

A splash of semen tops the diet

30-year-old Tracy from London drinks smoothies to stay healthy. But it’s not just any smoothies.

In addition to the usual ingredients such as fruit, oats, and almond milk, Tracy also adds a splash of semen to her smoothies and other foods in her diet.

the semen diet
Image source: Youtube

According to Tracy herself, sperm has healing effects. It all started with a tip from her dermatologist to get rid of pimples on her face.

“I felt the need to share this information. People are so weird about sperm when in fact, a teaspoon is filled with amazing goodness,” Tracy told The Sun.

Gets cum from her friend

Since Tracy does not produce any semen, she gets her batches from one of her single friends three times a week.

This boy-friend does not smoke or drink, which is a requirement to be able to take advantage of the sperm.

The odd ingredient also tastes different from time to time, depending on what he has eaten.

Eat it neat sometimes

Sometimes Tracy takes a shot of cum neat to cheer herself up.

Image source: Youtube

Here is a clip featuring Tracy’s incredible diet.

“Sperm is an awesome product, and we should stop being so ridiculous about it—the health benefits have been well researched, and more women and men should take advantage of it, particularly as its made by our own bodies and doesn’t contain e-numbers and chemicals,” says Tracy.

What do you think about this? Would you try anything to stay healthy?

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