Vegan Hunters: people mocking vegans in social media

Being vegetarian or vegan has become quite popular in recent years. There are, of course, plenty of valid reasons to do so. You could even argue that it is a necessary transition for humanity. It is healthier for the planet, it combats animal exploitation, and it just consumes fewer resources.

However, the diet or food lifestyle you decide to follow is your own business. Everyone should, of course, be allowed to eat in peace without other people meddling (as long as you are consuming something legal). But at the same time, you also have to be able to take a joke.

With that in mind, the people in the pictures below have taken the opportunity to poke a little fun at vegans.

Online, a new trend keeps gaining momentum, and it is at the expense of vegans. In other words, people keep photographing themselves posing as traditional hunters, but instead of game, they are posing with vegetables or inanimated objects.

It’s honestly quite hilarious!

Meet the Vegan Hunters

The tag, or slogan, that people use under this new trend is called “Vegan Hunters.”

Proud of his prey – caught with a bow!

Those mushrooms did not have a chance!

The asparagus’ head will hang on the wall!

“You should have seen the fish I pulled up yesterday – it was this big!”

A proud vegan hunter showing off her collection!

A bunch of freshly baked spring onions!

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