26-year-old has had over 100 plastic surgeries to make his butt 3 times bigger

We can all agree that the fixation with our looks has gone too far. Although not everyone has this problem, our society still makes it easy for people to become obsessed with their appearance.

Some youngsters end up feeling that the only way to reach the crazy beauty standards of the fashion world is to go under the knife.

For example, Joey, a 26-year-old from Boston, has had over 100 plastic surgeries. Among other things, the man from the east coast has tripled the size of his butt.

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As soon as the piercing aficionado Joey Prixx turned 21, he began the surgery-filled journey he had long dreamed of.

Five years later, the appearance-obsessed Bostonian has no less than 100 operations under his belt. In total, he’s invested over $60,000 in his looks.

Although most of them have been minor procedures, his overall appearance has completely changed.

Perhaps the most striking thing is that Joey has had several butt augmentations. If you compare it to how it looked in the beginning, he has now managed to make it three times bigger thanks to the huge implants.

The largest implants

After his last buttocks operation, he couldn’t sit down for six weeks, reports the Daily Mail.

“I had 350cc silicone implants inserted through either side of my buttcrack. But I absolutely love my new butt,” Joey said.

Caters News Agency

The implants were the biggest ones surgeons could physically manage to insert into his body.

“I’ve wanted them for such a long time and worked really hard to get them, so I couldn’t be happier. What can I say? My motto is ‘plastic is fantastic.” He said.

Joey Prixx has redone or retouched basically everything on his face. His nose, cheeks, chin, eyebrows, and forehead are just some of the many parts with a renovation. Recently, he also had doctors remove most of his sweat glands.

“I started transforming my body when I was 21. I’ve always been confident, but I wanted to tweak myself to what I see as perfect.

“I haven’t looked back since, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done,” he explained.

Caters News Agency

“Now it’s perfect”

His buttock augmentation seems to be his favorite:

“The butt implants have definitely been the most daring yet. I didn’t like how flat my butt was.

“Women get boob jobs all the time, so what’s wrong with a guy getting a bigger butt?”

He works six days a week to afford his obsession.

“I’m going to continue building towards what I see as perfect. ‘Being plastic is my trademark. Everything I do is unique, and I will continue to make myself different,” Joey Prix told the Daily Mail.

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