42-yr-old model’s boobs are so enormous they make her fall down the stairs – now she wants them even bigger

People should look however they want, without worrying about what others think. Standing out from the rest shouldn’t be judged or looked down upon by anyone. In fact, embracing our individuality it’s something to be proud of in today’s society, where most people follow the same trends and buy clothes from the same stores.

Someone that follows her own trend is Foxy Menagerie. This 42-year-old model from Michigan wants to get the biggest breasts her body can hold – and even though her knockers are already massive, she wants to go even bigger.

“I want to look like an hourglass,” she says.

Even bigger breasts

It was just over six years ago that Foxy Menagerie started her journey through plastic surgery. After a bad divorce, she wanted to refresh her appearance before being romantically available again.

Since then, her goal has been to get her body to have the shape of an hourglass – meaning huge boobs and butt.

Picture: Youtube / Barcroft TV

This 42-year-old model’s implants carry a total of 6,640 cubic centimeters, but she claims that’s not enough. She is currently using products to allow her body to expand even more.

“So, I am hopefully going to hit 7,000cc (cubic centimeters) very soon before more surgery,” Ms. Menagerie told Unilad.

Picture: Youtube / Barcroft TV

“I feel fantastic”

Many people wonder why she continues getting plastic surgery.

“My aim is to achieve a more hourglass morphed look with body modification – I want the perfect hourglass figure. To a degree, yes I am a bit obsessed with surgery – just because I really like the outcome. I feel fantastic when I have surgery done, it makes me so happy to see the new person I’m becoming,” Foxy said.

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Picture: Youtube / Barcroft TV

We measure breast implants in cubic centimeters. You usually start with 400cc and work your way up 200cc at a time, which corresponds to growing one size.

The model’s bra size is currently ZZ (!), According to The Sun – but she admits that her giant breasts make everyday life a little tricky from time to time.

“The worst thing about having such large breasts are some of the silly little things that I discover I suddenly can’t do. So, cooking on the front burner of the stove is not a good idea, because then it’s like Mrs. Doubtfire. That’s bad.” Foxy admitted.

Picture: Youtube / Barcroft TV

“I have to put my leg up sideways to put my shoe on, I can’t just bend over. Walking down the stairs, I fall a lot. So I hold on to the rail to save my life,” She continued

“Like seeing the Loch Ness Beast”

While growing up, Foxy felt “plain-looking, very shy and quiet”.

Picture: Youtube / Barcroft TV

Now that she really stands out, she doesn’t mind people staring.

“I don’t blame them for looking because it’s like seeing the Loch Ness Monster – you don’t know when you’re going to see one and if you do, you want to take a picture,” Foxy concluded.

She doesn’t know if she’ll ever be happy with her appearance, but for now, 7000cc is her goal.

Picture: Youtube / Barcroft TV

Below you can see a TV show featuring the 42-year-old!

What do you think of her life choices? Good or weird?

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