Amanda, 22, has spent over $50,000 to become a real-life Barbie – now her breasts get in the way when she’s putting make-up on

All people are equally valuable and have the right to chose what to do with their lives and bodies. Even if they decide on an extraordinary appearance or way of life, those around them must respect it.

Someone who strongly agrees with this is Amanda Ahola. The 22-year-old Finnish woman who’s been dreaming of plastic surgery ever since she was 16 years old. Somewhere along the way, her goal changed to becoming a living Barbie doll – and now, 6 years later, she’s almost there.

“My friends and family accept me. Although they don’t necessarily understand me or why I do it, it doesn’t affect our relationships,” she says.

The media giant Ladbible recently made an article about Amanda’s unique journey. Ever since she was a child, Barbie dolls and their appearance were everything she wanted. This lavish Finn started working at the age of 16 to save money for her dreamed Barbiefication.

Now, 6 years later, this real-life Barbie has enlarged her breasts 3 times, got over 30 rounds of lip fillings, botox, and face fillers to round up her cheekbones. But it doesn’t end there; she also wears a custom-made corset daily to reduce her waist size.

In total, the 22-year-old has spent over $50,000 on various procedures and treatments. Her breasts alone have cost her more than $20,000.

Real-life Barbie

Now she wants to further reshape her body – but the doctors won’t go along with it.

“I have asked three doctors for more surgery, but they have all denied me. So now I do less invasive procedures all the time,” she said, according to Ladbible.

Amanda’s next goals include a bigger butt, new teeth, and a facelift in addition to a narrower waist.

“Changing my body has given me a life I wouldn’t have had without bigger boobs – my life would look totally different without them.” She says about her beloved and now massive rack, which, after her last operation, is sometimes in the way when she puts on make-up.

Since the 22-year-old’s change started, Amanda has gained fame online. Today she has thousands of followers – mostly men – who love to check out the new pictures she posts of herself.

“I do really like myself as a person, and I love my looks. Nothing is perfect, and I will keep changing things still,” said Amanda.

What do you think? Is Amanda doing the right thing by following her dream, or will it put her life in danger? 

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(We want to point out that we do not see this article as something to laugh at. The Laugh Club not only writes about funny things – but also about unique or unbelievable events or people.)