Man is constipated for over 20 years: Then the doctors glance inside his stomach

We all have probably experienced an upset stomach and the urgency that comes with it to find a bathroom. It’s anything but a pleasant experience.

On the other side of the spectrum, being constipated for a day or two can be quite painful and frustrating. However, imagine if instead of a couple of days it was 22 years!

It sounds like, honestly, a nightmare. However, for the man in our story, it was a reality.

The man, who remains anonymous, suffered from Hirschsprung’s disease. According to Wikipedia, this means missing nerves in parts of the intestine. This can lead to your muscles not being able to push the contents of the intestine downwards.

A constipated man

In the TV show “The doctors”, real-life doctor David Rosenfeld explains that it is highly unlikely that this man has not been able to go to the toilet for 22 years. However, he has undoubtedly had a harder time doing “number two”.

For over two decades, he was constipated. All the waste that couldn’t pass through the intestine began to build up – until the man finally had 30lbs of poop stuck in his gut.

crazy constipated stomach
Image: Youtube

According to David Rosenfeld, the patient had been “pregnant” with feces for a long time. The mass had also built up over the years. In other words, he had a lot of extra weight to carry around.

The world’s largest human turd

When the doctors could finally determine the cause behind this man’s constipated hell, and removed the disgusting “lump” – I assume the man felt an enormous relief.

Image: Youtube

You could probably say that it was the world’s largest human poop on record.

Check out the clip below for more information on this unique case!

With today’s modern technology and surgical methods, most children born with Hirschsprung’s disease will not experience any significant problems. 

Unfortunately, this man was not that lucky, but of course, he now feels much better – after the doctors’ skillful intervention.

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