Orc, 41, is obsessed with tattoos and surgeries – even had tusks implanted

Everyone thinks about their looks. However, some care much more than others. Like most things in life, it is good to find a balance, so you don’t find yourself obsessed with something in an unhealthy way.

Most people accept the looks they were born with. A new haircut, tattoo, or piercing to change your style a bit and complement your appearance sounds lovely.

But others, instead, take it to the extremes, changing beyond recognition. Orc, a 41-year-old man from Brazil, has tattoos on 80% of his body. He also recently had surgery to insert two large tusks into his mouth, all to look like… you guessed it, an orc.


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Orc has an obsession with tattoos and body modification, which fits his routine pretty well as he works as a tattoo artist.

Split tongue and tattooed eyes

Orc got his first ink at 15. And by the time he was 35, 80% of his body was tattoed, including his eyes.

For the past six years, Orc has continued to modify his body. He has split his tongue and cut parts of his ears, among other things, to change his appearance.

Orc’s latest intervention was on his mouth. He went under the knife again to have two large tusks implanted behind his lower lip – the procedure costs approximately $460. Considering that life in brazil is much cheaper and minimum salaries are nowhere near to the US, this could be called a small fortune.


“I am trying to be myself. These are just my ideas, my inspirations coming from the heart,” said Orc to The Sun.


Orc: “People motivate me to continue”

Unsurprisingly, Orc attracts many eyes, to say the least. But even though his looks are quite extreme, most comments are positive, Orc claims.


“They tell me good things that motivate me to continue. Bad people exist everywhere and are always around… but they don’t shake me,” Orc said.

Orc has no plans to stop modifying his body, even though his family is worried about him.


“My mom doesn’t like it, my dad tolerates it, and my friends find it weird. Live, be happy, travel, love. Do whatever you want. Life goes by fast, and death is certain.” Orc told The Sun.

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