This randy 21-yr-old dreams of being the first in the world to have sex with 100,000 men

Having sex with the person you love is cozy, intimate, and magical. One of the purest experiences we can go through as human beings.

This is how most of us think about sex. However, for Ania Lisewska, a girl from Warsaw, Poland, that’s definitely not the case. Her life’s goal is to set the record for having sex with the most men in the world.

The number of partners she aims to achieve is 100,000 different partners, which would make the young woman an unofficial world record holder. Her boyfriend, unsurprisingly, is not thrilled with the whole thing.

Some people wait until marriage to have sex, others are good on the third date, and some want to dive between the sheets as soon as possible. Ania Lisewska is most inclined towards the latter category, however, on a much larger scale.

Had been with 284 different men

Everything started in 2013 when she set her current goal to be with 100,000 different men. 

have sex with different men
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When Ania, then 21, started her incredible sex journey, she had already slept with 284 different men. An incredibly high number for most people, but not even close to what her final goal is.

At first, Ania focused on finding sex partners from Poland. After a while, however, she set her sights on the rest of Europe. She admitted that other parts of the world have also picked her interest – and motivated her odd “adventure” to reach the sexual epitome.

Actually has a boyfriend

Initially, many people doubted that the 21-year-old was being serious. However, when she started a website and a Facebook page to document her journey, users began opening up to the idea.

100,000 men
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Ania also decided on a set of rules for this task. Only people she’s never been with before will count as new partners – and a single session can’t last less than 20 minutes. And she will only do it during the weekends.

Assuming that she has sex non-stop with different men, 20 minutes at a time. It would take her almost four years to fulfill her goal. However, that’s if the Polish girl doesn’t take a break to eat, go to the bathroom, or sleep. If she keeps her current schedule of only weekends, she’ll be done by the age of 81 if she has 16 new partners every weekend. In other words, it is hardly feasible.

Her boyfriend (yes, she has one) has not dumped her yet and is understanding of her wishes, even though he is not thrilled with the crazy goal of his partner.

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Best of luck

How things have been going for Ania over the past few years is a little unclear, but just that she started such a strange project can be considered remarkable. Of course, we keep our fingers crossed so that she can be happy and live the life she wishes for herself. 

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