Victor is battling his addiction to burgers – hates veggies and fruit

When it comes to food and drinks, we all have a favorite. The go-to guilty pleasure that helps us get through difficult times and reminds us of nostalgic, easier days.

Many of us love a specific type of chocolate or candy, while others would sell their souls for a well-grilled steak. Some people dream of an ice-cold beer during the summer—while others are obsessed with fast food.

Victor, a father of two, has a burger addiction. He eats an average of four burgers a day—having to sneak them around his family so that they don’t find out.

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I think most of us can enjoy a good burger. The bread, cheese, meat, and dressings combine into an incredible flavor—and it’s not strange at all that it’s such a popular dish.

Eats four burgers a day

However, few appreciate it as much as Victor.

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The cheeseburger-obsessed man would do anything to get his hands on a good burger. He eats an average of four a day, which is around 1,500 a year. Cheese and dressing plus some pickles can go with the meat and bread, but certainly not some salad.

“I do not eat vegetables, fruit, chicken, or fish,” he said on the TV show Freaky Eaters“The reason I enjoy cheeseburgers so much is because I know exactly what is going on inside there. It’s Simple.”

His wife, Adriana, who loves healthy food, likes to experiment with cooking at home—which is not so popular with her husband.

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Therefore, Victor says, he is forced to eat secretly on the way home from work. So he arrives for dinner relatively full—and only needs to poke around a little at his wife’s healthier dish.

“I know it breaks her heart, but it breaks my heart even more because you should see the spreads that she makes,” he said.

Showed the entire annual consumption

Until the network recorded the TV show, Adriana, who had known her husband’s obsession with the popular fast food, believed that he ate about three burgers a week. However, the number was well over 20 pieces instead.

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Victor was confronted with it when a dietitian collected his annual hamburger consumption in a truck—and then dropped all the boxes on his feet.

There were about 1,500 white boxes for burgers.

“It’s disgusting,” he said.

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Then one of the presenters—as part of getting Victor to eat healthier, challenges him to try a burger that includes salad. Something the man, at first, says no way and laughs at, but in the end, he gives it a try.

“When I started chewing for a while and then swallowed it, I realized that it wasn’t the end of the world. the sky didn’t fall,” he said.

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Must follow a better diet

Of course, Victor’s lifestyle will not work in the long run, so let’s hope that he gets better by at least varying his diet. However, there is no doubt that this man is one of the most passionate individuals when it comes to burgers.

Below you can see the entire TV episode featuring Victor.

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